Ink and water

Olympus OM-30 | Ilford Delta 400

I’ve begun documenting schoolwork with my Olympus OM-30. These were taken during our last project were we recorded underwater effects for our short film. This roll also made me fall in love with b&w again.

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Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100

My lab re-opened yesterday and I got my film back, hurray! It was a test roll of Lomography’s newest film “Lomography Color X-pro Sunset Strip”. Finally I can share my results.

(these two images are exactly how I pictured the Revolog film would turn out…)

Lomo LC-A+ RL | Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip 100 | LomoHome

I really like how this film turend out! A lot of people were complaining about it being too grainy, but it doesn’t look that bad in my pictures. Perhaps because I shot most of the roll at ISO 200 (the ones with most grain were shot at ISO 100.)

So it’s pretty obvious I like taking pictures of birds. I just love the pigeon who’s checking me out while the others are eating. The last two pictures are from my workspace at KHiB.

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So my local lab went bankrupt

I dropped off a film on friday and was told to come and pick it up monday. I returned to a closed shop with a note on the door saying they had gone bankrupt. I have no clue if I’ll ever get my film back, and on top of that I lost my favorite lab in the city :(

Two of my favorite labs have now closed over a really short period of time. I guess this is a good time to learn how to develop film on my own, just in case more labs goes under… Let’s keep film alive, you guys!

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Winter in Bergen is so pretty compared to the ones in Narvik. All the moisture in the air freezes and covers everything with a layer of thick frost. Narvik is a desert compared to Bergen, and I’m pretty sure Bergen has seen more snow this winter, as well.

The chubby jack russell terrier belongs to my aunt and uncle. She is a little beast but so cute~

Olympus OM-30 | Konica Centuria 1600 (probably expired) | LomoHome

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My Revolog Failure

So I bought two Revolog films (600nm) a while back and decided it was time to shoot one. Sidenote: I’ve become a film hoarder and I keep filling the fridge with films I never use haha.

I decided to double-expose the roll since we had all these christmas lights lying around.

Sadly, this film was just one big disappointment. I thought the colors would be more green/red-ish, but they all turned out blue. And I managed to underexpose nearly all my shots thanks to the seasonal dark times. The film was also brittle and ended up tearing. I managed to save most of the film, and my lab was very helpful so it turned out okay. Still, it was a lot of work for seemingly nothing…

On the bright side, I ended up using the negatives for a school assignment:

I still got one Revolog film left, finger’s crossed it will give better results.

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Photoswap 2012 (part 2)

I took my Olympus OM-30 with me to the museum of Natural History, in Bergen. l love to shoot there, especially when the sun shines in. I think it’s mye favorite location to shoot in the city, actually.

I should probably mention that I tried shooting with the Olympus OM-30’s auto mode for the first time here. I had no idea what kind of results I’d get. So far it seems to be great when shooting indoor, and then overexpose easily outside. Good to know.

And then there were some really weird results.

I have no idea what is going on here. At first I thought the camera strap or my jacket were blocking the shots, but same thing happened to my latest roll of film. The lab thought that my camera might only take 24 exposures, but I’m not entirely convinced. It might be the auto mode acting up (yep, still experimenting with it). Or it maybe it’s the shutter. I’ll try out another roll on manual and see what happens.

So yeah, Photoswap 2012! It’s really fun and I recommend it to eveyone who likes to shoot film. Check out the flickr group here.

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Photoswap 2012 (part 1)

Of course I had to participate in this year’s Photoswap, courtesy of Rhianne. This year my swap partner was Mel, who is a talented lomographer from Australia. We also share the same birthday (18th of November!! BEST DAY) Check out her wonderful blog here.

I love the warm creamy colors, I have to try out Agfa CN film sometime. I’ll be posting my part of the swap tomorrow. In the meantime check out the photoswap group on flickr.

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Autumn (and a taste of winter)

I love Bergen during spring, and I’m starting to really like it here during autumn, as well. The colors are just amazing, and I love how the trees gradually goes from green to orange. I do not love it when it rains non-stop for days, but all is forgiven when the sun comes out.

This beautiful park is right in my neighborhood.

And then we got a little taste of winter. The snow is long gone now, though.

Here I accidently turned the ISO from 200 to 100… I’m starting to suspect there might me something wrong with the light meter (I just recently changed the batteries.)

Lomo LC-A+ RL | Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 | LomoHome

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Warm-up doodles from last week, which I decided to slap some color on. It’s me! With the outfit I wore the day they were drawn. Hopefully I can share more drawings soon.

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