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Canon Eos 300 | Kodak Portra 160 After a terrible storm that lasted two days, we ended up with a beautiful snowy day. I have never seen this much snow in Bergen before. I saw this as a chance to … Continue reading

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Rainy December

Diana Mini | Ilford HP5 Plus This pretty much sums up December in Bergen. Shot this roll in one afternoon so I could develop it at photography course in school. Developing on your own is great, and a lot easier … Continue reading

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Canon EOS 300

SLR cameras are great, but they tend to be really heavy (at least for me). I love to bring my camera on walks, and after a while you really feel the weight tearing on your shoulder. To make matters “worse” … Continue reading

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Portugal, part 4

The last post about my trip to Lagos. Sadly I think the heat affected this roll of film. It also seems like my Olumpys OM-30 is having some issues with the shutter. Some shots turned out interesting, to say the … Continue reading

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Portugal, part 3

If you ever travel to Algarve, be sure to visit the yearly Fiesa Sand Sculpture Festival. There were so many, huge sculptures, built by artist from all over the world. It was amazing to see the level of detail they … Continue reading

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Portugal, part 2

I finally scanned all the negatives from my trip to Lagos. Each film roll gets it’s own post. First up is Kodak. Portugal is famously known for it’s impressive rock formation along the Algarve coast. There are tons of small … Continue reading

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Home Is Where The Cat Is

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha | PX 70 Color Shade Cool

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Portugal, part 1

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks of my holiday in Lagos,┬áPortugal. I am going to write more about my trip as soon as all my film rolls gets developed. In the meantime enjoy some of the instant photos … Continue reading

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Paper and Charcoal

I recently completed a course in figure drawing, and while I love to draw it can be really exhausting standing in front of the easel all day. Your brain is hard at work observing every detail and trying to match … Continue reading

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