Photoswap 2012 (part 2)

I took my Olympus OM-30 with me to the museum of Natural History, in Bergen. l love to shoot there, especially when the sun shines in. I think it’s mye favorite location to shoot in the city, actually.

I should probably mention that I tried shooting with the Olympus OM-30’s auto mode for the first time here. I had no idea what kind of results I’d get. So far it seems to be great when shooting indoor, and then overexpose easily outside. Good to know.

And then there were some really weird results.

I have no idea what is going on here. At first I thought the camera strap or my jacket were blocking the shots, but same thing happened to my latest roll of film. The lab thought that my camera might only take 24 exposures, but I’m not entirely convinced. It might be the auto mode acting up (yep, still experimenting with it). Or it maybe it’s the shutter. I’ll try out another roll on manual and see what happens.

So yeah, Photoswap 2012! It’s really fun and I recommend it to eveyone who likes to shoot film. Check out the flickr group here.

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2 Responses to Photoswap 2012 (part 2)

  1. Dawn says:

    Actually, I kind of like the “weird” results at the end. I know that doesn’t really explain why they happened, nor does it solve them, but the blocking is interesting. It makes the actual framing of the photo by chance. Anyway, I really think you’ve got a good place to shoot! The natural history museum appears to be a really intriguing place, and my favorite photos are the ones of the deer heads. I’m looking forward to snagging a film camera of my own soon so I can start shooting.

    • Margrethe says:

      Thanks, Dawn! I do like the weirdness on these two pictures, but the other ones weren’t so interesting, sadly.

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