Autumn (and a taste of winter)

I love Bergen during spring, and I’m starting to really like it here during autumn, as well. The colors are just amazing, and I love how the trees gradually goes from green to orange. I do not love it when it rains non-stop for days, but all is forgiven when the sun comes out.

This beautiful park is right in my neighborhood.

And then we got a little taste of winter. The snow is long gone now, though.

Here I accidently turned the ISO from 200 to 100… I’m starting to suspect there might me something wrong with the light meter (I just recently changed the batteries.)

Lomo LC-A+ RL | Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 | LomoHome

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4 Responses to Autumn (and a taste of winter)

  1. Rhianne says:

    Oh no, I had some problems with thelight meter on my first LC-A and it broke my heart seeing over and underexposed photos, is it from Lomography? they were great at sending me out a replacement, so definitely see if you can get one.

    • Margrethe says:

      I had completey forgotten that the warranty is for two years. I contacted them now, and hope they can fix it somehow. It really does breaks your heart :(

  2. Clio says:

    These are beautiful photos & thank you for the lovely comment on my light leaked shots. I’ve started a column on my blog featuring other folks who love to shoot film, I’d love if you would consider submitting some shots. So far people have been sending me their very first rolls which is really interesting (and cool to see why people got into film in the first place!)…shoot me an email if you think you’d be interested :)

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