Lomography X-pro Chrome

Before summer I bought a couple of packages of Lomography’s Chrome film (which now is out of production, for some reason). I shot a few rolls with my toy cameras this summer, but the results were terribly overexposed. Only the results from my Lomo LC-A+ RL were worth sharing online, really.

Lomo LC-A+ RL | Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 | LomoHome

Next time I’ll set the ISO to 200 and see what happens. I read somewhere that the colors will turn out better if shot underexposed. Fun with film!

I have not devoted much time to my LC-A+ RL this summer, but I did bring it along on every trip I took. The roll consisted of a few snaps here, and some other there. It’s such a fun camera and I love taking multiple exposures with it.

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2 Responses to Lomography X-pro Chrome

  1. Rhianne says:

    its out of production because its a kodak slide film :( I’m heartbroken as I adored this film and I’m really glad that I bought as much of it as I could afford at the time.

    I haven’t tried under or over exposing it though so I’m intrigued to see those results.

    • Margrethe says:

      Yeah, I was sad to see it go out of production so soon. Hopefully they’ll come up with a replacemant film soon enough.

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