Summer with my Moskva-5

Look at my stupid shadow.

Moskva–5 | Lomography XR 50–200 and Fuji 100 Provia 100f (x-pro) | LomoHome

It was honestly a terrible summer for taking photos. It was raining so much I was afraid to bring my cameras outside in case they got soaking wet. I think we only had two days with sunny weather… I also have a problem with the Moskva–5’s viewfinder. It seems to be way off even though I try to be really meticulouse when composing my shots. Next time I’ll switch to 6×9 and see if it will do any good.

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2 Responses to Summer with my Moskva-5

  1. Rhianne says:

    I like your shadow, it puts you in the photo too :)

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