Tungsten X ♥ Olympus OM-30

My uncle and aunt gave me their old Olympus OM-30 in hopes that I could put it to good use. This is my first analogue SLR camera and I was very excited to test out Lomography’s Tungsten X film with it. Here are some results from the gloomy month of July:

I also tried to shoot doubles with it, but I overexposed most of the roll. I love these though:

Olympus OM-30 | Lomography X Tungsten 64 | LomoHome

I think this is a pretty sweet film+camera combination, and I really love the camera! So grateful they wanted me to have it. Can’t wait to shoot other films with it, and the camera will be handy in the coming darker months. This bad mofo can handle low lit scenery pretty well.

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