To Haparanda

I brought my Polaroid SX-70 on our little trip to Haparanda in Sweden. The weather was so nice once we crossed the border. Little did I know that this would be the only sun I would enjoy in July!! :@ Damn norwegian weather.

This happens if you leave your camera in a sun-heated car for too long; the film gets very unstable.

Polaroid SX-70 Land Alpha 1 | PX 70 Color Shade Cool & PX 100 Silver Shade Cool | Flickr

On our way back we stopped by an Arctic Elk Farm, which is more a mini zoo with arctic elks. The big one was saved when his mother got killed by a bear. They later adopted a female for him, and the family grew from there. I even got to pet the big one! More info here. They also had a whole forest (and a lake) to themselves but preferred to stay close with the people running the farm.

It was a nice little road trip.

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