Canon Eos 300 | Kodak Portra 160

After a terrible storm that lasted two days, we ended up with a beautiful snowy day. I have never seen this much snow in Bergen before. I saw this as a chance to try out Kodak Portra 160 for the first time ever. The colors are beautiful, but I don’t think the emulsion got enough time to dry (I developed this myself the last day before the holidays). At least that’s what I think is going on in some of the pictures.

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Rainy December







Diana Mini | Ilford HP5 Plus

This pretty much sums up December in Bergen. Shot this roll in one afternoon so I could develop it at photography course in school. Developing on your own is great, and a lot easier than I thought it would be (phew!).

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Canon EOS 300

SLR cameras are great, but they tend to be really heavy (at least for me). I love to bring my camera on walks, and after a while you really feel the weight tearing on your shoulder. To make matters “worse” i’ve become that kind person who brings SEVERAL cameras with me, haha. Usually this means the SLR will have to stay at home.

However, last summer I read somewhere that EOS 300 is actually a really lightweight camera (camera body weighs only around 300g), and so I immediately started browsing ebay in hopes of finding it. I did, and it also was really cheap, yay.

Here’s the test roll I shot with it:



This kitty was so cute! It lives in a store that only sells cat products.







Canon EOS 300 | Kodak Gold 400

I was really worried there would be something wrong with it because how cheap it was, haha. Luckily the roll came out great. It does seems to have some issues with low aperture indoors, though. I still need some time to get to know the camera, but overall I’m pretty satisified with it.

The pictures were taken in October. I’ve been so busy with school that I didn’t get around uploading them before now…

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Portugal, part 4


The last post about my trip to Lagos. Sadly I think the heat affected this roll of film. It also seems like my Olumpys OM-30 is having some issues with the shutter. Some shots turned out interesting, to say the least (but I like them).

Anyway, it was a really nice holiday, and I do hope to go back someday. You should all visit Algarve, if you get the chance!









Olympus OM-30 | Lomography X Tungsten 64

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Portugal, part 3

s06 s10 s08 If you ever travel to Algarve, be sure to visit the yearly Fiesa Sand Sculpture Festival. There were so many, huge sculptures, built by artist from all over the world. It was amazing to see the level of detail they put into their sculptures. Hard to believe they were all made from loose sand.

s09 s07 On the trip back to Lagos we made a short stop in Portim√£o. Here I got to try Thai Fish Spa for the first time ever, and it was ..interesting. I was kind of mesmerized watching the fish nip away at my feet. It really tickled, and they did a good job removing dead/dry skin. My feet felt really soft and nice afterwards.

s01 s02 The next day we went on a Dolphin Safari, which basically is taking a boat trip and hope that the dolphins show up. They did, and they even swam along the boat for quite a long distance. Only the Common Dolphin made an appearance, most people want to catch a glimpse of the Bottlenose Dolphin. I didn’t mind, though. It was more than enough seeing them swim and jump in their natural habitat.

s03 s04 s05

Lomo LC-A+ RL | Lomography Color X-Pro Sunset Strip

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Portugal, part 2


I finally scanned all the negatives from my trip to Lagos. Each film roll gets it’s own post. First up is Kodak.




Portugal is famously known for it’s impressive rock formation along the Algarve coast. There are tons of small grottos only accessible by boat, as well. Of course I had to go on a tour and see some of them, like a proper tourist. Each grotto and rock formation had it’s own name. I don’t recall them now, but I thought it was cute. I also tried to make these pictures more interesting by double exposing them (while on a moving boat). It was a fun little challenge.






Lomo LC-A+ RL | Kodak Gold 100

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Home Is Where The Cat Is





Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha | PX 70 Color Shade Cool

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Portugal, part 1

I was lucky enough to spend two weeks of my holiday in Lagos, Portugal. I am going to write more about my trip as soon as all my film rolls gets developed. In the meantime enjoy some of the instant photos I took on my trip.




Palm Tree


Tall Grass



Street Artist



Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha | PX 70 Color Shade Cool

It was a smart move to invest in a leather case for my camera before I left. The isolation it provided kept my camera cool while it was burning hot outside (I’m pretty sure Algarve was hit by a heat wave while we were there). The heat and sun still took it’s toll on some of my photos, but I kinda like the results anyway.

Part 2 will be up in a few weeks.

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Paper and Charcoal



I recently completed a course in figure drawing, and while I love to draw it can be really exhausting standing in front of the easel all day. Your brain is hard at work observing every detail and trying to match it up on the canvas. I was relieved to be done with it, but now I kinda miss it. I do appreciate the chance to work with a model, and I hope we’ll have more figure drawing later.






I also attended a workshop in bookbinding. It was a really fun, and I learned how to sew and/or glue together paper to make blank journals. You can also find good tutorials on bookbinding here. I’m hoping to put my new knowledge to good use later on to showcase my work.


Lomo LC-A+ RL | Fuji Superia 800

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